Whos That Sleeping In my Bed
Keren is the author of bestsellers 'Who's That Woman In The Mirror? The Art of Ageing Gracefully', 'Age Matters -
Employing, Motivating and Managing Older Employees' and 'Who's that sleeping in my bed? The Art of Relationships for Grown Ups'





Live the Life you Love at 50+ A handbook for career and life success. Age no longer defines what you can or can’t do - don’t fear it, embrace it.

It is possible for someone who has entered the second half of their life to start a new career, get remarried, have a young family, run a marathon, travel the world, take up a new high-risk sport or start a new business.

This uplifting book gives the reader simple tools to develop the confidence and resilience to deal with whatever the future brings. Beautifully written, it shatters myths about getting older and helps readers to feel confident and valued, and encouraged to take on new challenges and continue to enjoy life’s opportunities

'Who's That Sleeping in My Bed? The Art of Relationships for Grown Ups' which aims to change society's perception that nobody over 50 is having sex, asks the questions that people have previously not dared to ask.
In the book, Keren addresses the confusion about sex and relationships for the 'baby boomer' generation - it is quite simply a 'bible' for reclaiming and embracing the emotional and sexual potential for this stage of life.

'Who's That Woman in the Mirror? The Art of Ageing Gracefully' is packed with case studies and offers a cool appraisal on how to look your best, re-acquire your self esteem, juggle the demands of parents, partners, children, career, a successful sex life and still find time for fun!

'Age Matters - Employing, Motivating and Managing Older Employees' - Keren Smedley and Helen Whitten explain the advantages and disadvantages of the 2006 legislation and its effect on current retirement practices. Packed with statistics and perspectives on the ageing workforce (in the UK, EU and countries around the world), the book includes practical advice, models, exercises and training activities to help establish an appropriate response for your organisation.

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