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Spend More Time On The Things You Enjoy
Thursday, Oct 14, 2010 7:19 pm
Spend More Time On The Things You Enjoy
I’ve spent a week talking to people who are seeking answers about the future.  It’s not surprising in our economic climate.  It’s very easy to fall into gloom and doom every time you turn on the TV, Internet or read a newspaper.  It sounds like everything is going to be cut and that nothing new will be happening.  This is of course far from the truth.  It is up to us to make a difference.  I don’t mean we need to do anything momentous but just by shifting our thinking into feeling more positive we can accomplish loads.  This is of course easy to say and much harder to do.

Too often we get bogged down in our daily chores to enjoy what we’re doing. We focus on what has happened and what we hope will happen rather than what we’re doing now.  It would really help to make a list of what matters to you in your life and work out if you are getting it.  How much time do you spend on each of these activities?  How much time is spent on things you want to do that give you pleasure rather than those that drag you down?  The balance has to be more enjoyment than less.  I don’t want to be unrealistic as all of us have to, at times, do things we don’t enjoy.  If your balance is 70% good and 30% bad you’re doing ok.  If it’s not, then it’s time to change.

Start by choosing, from your list, one thing you’ll reduce time on and one thing you’ll increase time on.   Give yourself a time frame.  I think you’ll be surprised how quickly you find your mood changing and get a spring in your step.


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