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According to the newspapers
Monday, Oct 25, 2010 4:11 pm
According to the newspapers

Many women are ‘put out’ to hear that the retirement age for them (as well as men) is going up to 66.  It seems to me that we ‘want our cake to eat it too’ – we fought in the 60s and 70s for equality and now it’s finally come we aren’t sure it’s what we want!

I for one (unlike the French) am pleased that the retirement age is going up for men and women.  I know it is being done for financial reasons, however it does still acknowledge that we are not past it at 66 and that we have a full contribution to give.  I am hoping that this will help to change the mindset of employers and that most older workers will find themselves both wanted in their organisation and able to find a new job if they so desire.  It is outmoded to see us as too old to be productive and useful. 

There has been more research on changing lifestyles of the 50-plus this week. It seems that the growth in divorce for the 50-plus is continuing and more and more  people, both men and women, are saying that they aren’t prepared to stay in relationships that don’t meet their needs.  Many say that with 40 odd years ahead of them it’s important they feel fulfilled in their relationships and that being alone is much better than feeling unhappy.  Of course divorce is not the only route, counselling to confront the difficulties and look at how to resolve them is really important.  Through this process you can discern whether to separate is the best course of action. Often relationships that seem hopeless can be repaired.

Whatever your age, sex, situation, work issues, relationship difficulties or lack of confidence I run workshops that can help you.

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