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Money worries!
Monday, Nov 1, 2010 3:20 pm
Money worries!

So what can we do about our financial concerns be it our personal or business finances?
The first thing is don't bury your head in the sand. Review your financial situation on a regular basis. The longest gap should be a week and for businesses less than this. Know what your outgoings are, what you owe, what is expected in and when, and what if anything is the shortfall. When you are on top of your finances and you know the ebbs and flows you will be in a position to manage them whatever they are.
Don't fantasise about how things would be if you won the lottery or premium bonds. I know that would be great but it leads to delusions of grandeur and debt. If you're short of money you can now work out how to economise or where else you could find sources of income.
If you don't do this you will find yourself controlled by your finances rather than the other way round and you will be exhausted, as most nights will be spent awake worrying. I think we owe it to ourselves and our families to be on top of our finances. If you're stuck and need some help, find a financial advisor.

We are able to offer consultancy and help in building your confidence and planning skills so nothing is ever too much for you so please get in touch.


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