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So often we create a vision in our head and because we created the picture we believe it is true
Monday, Mar 11, 2013 1:49 pm
So often we create a vision in our head and because we created the picture we believe it is true
I have just returned from a four week break in Australia visiting two of my children who are living there at the minute.  It has been wonderful to be away missing the snow and the cold and then very hard to leave two young people on the other side of the world.

Over the time away I was struck at times by my behaviour patterns and how wedded I can be to them!  We had bad (not compared to England) weather for several days while we were in Sydney.  I was disappointed, as I had in my head created a period of uninterrupted sun and heat.  It took my son to point out to me that although it was grey and on a couple of days rainy, it was still 20 degrees hotter than it was in the UK! 

As my expectations had not been met I was clearly disappointed.  So often we create a vision in our head and because we created the picture we believe it is true.  When for a variety of reasons, in this case the fact that I don't control the weather, our expectation is false we feel let down. 

Conversely I believed, having had a bad crossing once before, that a trip across to an Island we were visiting would be unpleasant and make me seasick.  I sought out an out of hours chemist to buy seasick pills to then find the sea was like a mill pond and I hadn't needed to spend two hours travelling across the city or spend time feeling anxious about a bad trip.  In this case the reality far exceeded my expectations.

I spend a lot of time with my clients pointing out to them that they are creating an imaginary life in their heads which limits them in their daily lives and for some it can be really debilitating.  So it isn't that I don't know this 'stuff' it's just that it is sometimes hard to do.

As we get older a lot of us do exactly the same thing around our ageing, especially our looks  So many people I work with believe that because they are over 50 they are no longer attractive, or their minds don't work as well, or people are bored with their company as they do nothing new, or they can't learn things the way they did.  The list is endless.  We often have very negative expectations of life and ourselves and in this case it invariably becomes true - we create our own lives and we find our self fulfilling prophecy to be spot on!

This way of thinking is neither useful or valid. To counteract this we have developed a workshop - 'Feel good and look fab!' to help you to reverse this pattern if you have it and to avoid it if you haven't fallen into that trap.

Join us on Friday 5th April at Browns Courtrooms, Covent Garden, London, WC2N 4AG

Have a day out and by the end of the day you will feel positive about yourself and you will be shown ways to look good too.

Lunch is provided and you will meet a great group of like minded people.

You can book on line through the website at or call 0207 700 6623 or email us

I look forward to seeing you there.




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